There is frequent favorable reference today to “mandatory,” “compulsory,” or “required” treatment. In fact, getting more criminal justice clients into treatment could improve the results of criminal justice sanctions even if it actually diminished the average effectiveness of treatment. As it turns out, however, contrary to earlier fears among clinicians, criminal justice pressure does […]

One of the most used art therapy techniques for working with substance abuse patients is a five-part project called The First Step Series. This activity was developed to guide participants towards recognizing the need for change, and to help them feel empowered about making those changes. Patients are asked to create five art pieces that relate to their […]

The duration can vary from person to person, and the substance involved may play a role. Doctors may diagnose PAWS based on a person’s medical history and the findings of a physical examination. Keep reading to learn more about PAWS, the causes and risk factors, and how to cope in recovery. One of the best […]


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